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I always think of Nicole first when I am wondering about buying a new product.  The tour she did of my home was eye opening, I had no idea how many harmful chemicals I was using and storing.  Nicole was able to go through my kitchen and laundry room and suggest good alternatives to virtually every toxic product I was using.  It was also very helpful to have her review the various shampoos and soaps and conditioners my large family was using. She taught me which chemicals to avoid using on our bodies and suggested healthier alternatives. I found Nicole to be conscientious, professional and very thorough.  She is very knowledgeable in this field and fun to work with.

—Nancy, lawyer, mother

Although initially I wasn't very convinced of the importance of things like organic food, probiotics and non-toxic cleaners, having a daughter with a disorder has completely changed my views. Nicole has become my go-to person any time I have a question about which products to buy and which supplements to take. She sends me interesting articles with useful information which I am able to apply to my daily life and better the health of my whole family.

—Dominique, physician, mother

Nicole has helped me so much in making the right choices for my baby. As a new mom, I want to give only the best to my baby and Nicole has been an excellent resource. I had no idea about all the things that are hidden and not shown on labels, and with Nicole’s assistance, I am able to make better choices and learn about what is the best for my little one. It is very important to me to create a solid and healthy start in my baby’s life, and Nicole has guided me to make it happen.

—Elena, legal assistant, mother

I learned how to read labels, get off soda, and make important lifestyle changes- I'm loving the program!

—Darian, delivery officer

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